in studio

My studio painting allows me to explore places I’ve never been. This level of discovery in daily life is a rare and rewarding in every regard. I describe it as the crossroads where calm meets control, nature meets knowledge and tension meets euphoria.


in nature

I spend many hours in nature's studio. It's a wildly stimulating experience that feeds my soul. Using all of my senses I am able to let nature imprint it's magic on my mind and feed my soul. There's nothing like it!


making the work

My mind and studio are filled with inspiration from nature. I take thousands of photographs that become part of my visual memory and also collect found objects like bones, seed pods and driftwood that find a home in my studio and my work.

For me, painting evolves organically. When it’s going well, it feels effortless. My years of classical training and practice merge with the mood of the moment, and my body and mind respond. It’s an intense yet effortless journey.

In the beginning, it’s clearly abstract in all aspects. The figures, animals and organic forms that sometimes appear emerge from the interlocking shapes that present themselves during the media application. Once they’re identified, it’s difficult to see past them, and the layering and defining process begins. Pushing and pulling, shifting and refining until I step back one final time.

My current work is mixed media on linen, wood panel or paper.